Feedback From Valued Clients

The service is amazing. I got thousands of real followers which helped my business prosper. If you are interested in Twitter marketing, DO NOT hesitate and let the professionals from Jaywan Inc. help you get to where you need to be.

Rashad Smith, United States

I am very pleased with Jaywan Inc. They are the best in this industry and the proof is in the thousands of new fans I have now. I got thousands of real Twitter followers and now I’m watching my career grow to where I want it to be.

Rory Manning, United States

With the help of Jaywan Inc. I reached targeted followers based on my keywords. They are an honorable company which strives to help us in our businesses and bend over backwards with their terrific customer support.  A+ work

DJ Grady, Canada

A friend of mine advised me to hire Jaywan Inc. and I am still very grateful to him for that great advice. I got so many new  fans that I couldn’t even imagine. And I realized that this is better than any other service I’ve tried before. I just bought their biggest package and have been getting more gigs because of it.

Jennifer Mellnie, United States

Jaywan Inc. has absolutely exceeded my anticipations. Good job. Keep it up. I will be ordering again soon.

Shara Anson, Canada

Jaywan Inc. is exactly what I have been looking for. I first purchased 1,000 followers and I was pleasantly shocked at the results. In all likelihood I will order again. My fan base has only expanded since I ordered.

Hype Management, United States

I must say that these guys really deliver on what they promise. I’ve purchased followers four times now. The followers I received are active. If you’re on the fence about purchasing, DO IT! They have proven to be fast, reliable and courteous and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Michael Casaglio, United States

I first purchased 1000 followers and was pleasantly surprised at how quick they came in. I have ordered the 5000 follower package and as you can see they’re doing a great job of adding real followers every day!

MC Jinnah, Bangladesh

This is GREAT service, exceptional delivery at affordable rates, and prompts support. Just ordered another package today!

Wiseman Records, United Kingdom

AWESOME! 5,172 followers, Quick delivery, I actually have a real fan base that buy my music now. Thanks! : )

Andrew Johnson, United States

Does exactly what is said on the site. i got a steady stream of real followers immediately on the first day!!!

Marcos Bourgeois, Canada

Fantastic service- 1600 followers so far. Great service. Many thanks… Will come back again and place more orders.

A-Millie, Australia

Delivered on time and as promised. Already booked 3 shows in my country because of this Great service!!

Kim Jin, South Korea

I’m a rapper from South Korea and Jaywan Inc. gave me what I needed plus a little extra. Would definitely order from again!

Rico B., United States

I was skeptical at first because of some bad experiences in the past; however these guys really delivered. Not a single fake follower. All were real fans. Good communication the whole way through and good results.

Mark Anderson(Manager), United States

I ordered their 10,000 plan and I felt that I got my money’s worth because of the constant reassurance they gave me. From the minute I ordered, they got to work and I was getting new fans within an hour. If you’re looking for a safe, legit Twitter followers provider, Jaywan Inc. is the place to go. Hands down the best out there.

Jenny Douglas, United States

One word: awesome!!

Brian(Raptor’s Manager), United Kingdom

I’ve used these guys’ service multiple times and I’ve never had any problems. Always courteous and quick to respond. Jaywan (the guy in charge) always keeps me up to date with my order. Never had a problem.  Thanks guys!

D-Ro, Canada

Jaywan Inc. is very reliable and delivers on their promises 100%, thorough and timely. I will be using their service again and highly recommend using Jaywan Inc. if you need a fan base or just want real followers in any niche.

Austin Redford(artist), TX

These guys are great. They went way above the call of duty and delivered the job with complete details and the proof is the ROI. I will use again for sure!

MC Justice, Toronto

Jaywan Inc. is someone I highly recommend for not only their prompt service but also for over-delivering. This has been the best experience I have had so far and I will definitely be coming back for more. Keep it going. Amazing service!!!

Wayne Gonzalez, United States

Before Jaywan Inc. we had tried several Twitter promo companies with little success. Jaywan Inc.  reinforced our hopes in twitter as a traffic generation opportunity and we’ve embraced their service. We are quite happy with the results so far.

Tyrone Smith, California

From 0 to 1,000 in less than 5 days and getting new fans daily. Thanks so much guys. Highly recomended.

Jay D., Arizona

I really did not believe in this service until an associate convinced me to give it a try. He specifically mentioned Jaywan Inc. and I remember expressing doubt even as I placed an order. For me I did it initially to prove my friend wrong, and it came out the other way. I can do nothing but to thank you guys so much for providing this service.

Dimitris Silva, United States

Thanks guys. You really helped pull my business out from the trenches with your service. I especially enjoyed the promptness of the delivery and I remember seeing 5,500 followers after a few weeks in. My order was for 5,000 but apparently an additional 500 connected to my business based on referrals from their own friends who already followed. It’s been a great experience for me.

Andre J., United States

Great service, exceptional delivery, affordable rates, top-notch professionalism, really attentive support. That’s how I describe my experience with Jaywan Inc.

Jason Lennon, Canada

Could not have asked for a better experience.  Not only did they give me an actual fan base, but they did it within a week.  I’ve been able to promote and sell my merchandise at shows now and actually see a return on my investment.  One of the best out there, if not THEE best!  I purchased every month and continue to do so. A+++++

DJ Red Kingdom, United States