How do I know that I can trust you?

You don’t have to worry. We have had over 5,000 satisfied clients who come back for more. We are one of the biggest service providers in the real followers industry – we know exactly what to do and how to do it efficiently.

Why is your service so expensive?

Our service really isn’t expensive if you consider the amount of money you will earn from this small investment. We provide the highest quality targeted followers in the industry. Followers we provide aren’t generated from some random bot that will spam your page. Followers we provide are real people who have the same interest with you. They will be interested in your products, and they will click on your links. Getting high quality followers is not an easy task since we don’t use spam software to get random followers to you quickly.

Why do you need my username and password?

We need your username because where else would we send the followers you ordered. We need your password so we are able to use your account like a real person’s account. Twitter absolutely hates accounts with FAKE followers, etc. For that reason alone, we need to act as natural as possible. Those who state that they can bring you followers without your password are scammers and they will bring you their own zombie accounts and bots that they will send to your account to follow. This will result in your account BANNED.

How do I get you my login info after I’ve sent payment?

3 ways: You can include it in the message when you pay at the Paypal checkout screen, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ page and email it to us, or we will email you immediately after you purchase.

Why it takes so long time to receive my followers?

It takes longer than a few days because we need to act as natural as possible to prevent getting your account banned. Getting 5000+ followers within a few days is not very common and Twitter will think the same. Just to keep your account safe, we have to work carefully.

What kind of method do you use?

We are using a method which goes basically like this: we use your account to follow those users who are interested in the same things as your keywords. Some of them will follow back, Some of them won’t follow back. That’s the best method for getting real followers. Furthermore, we will unfollow those who won’t follow you back. It will keep your profile clean.

What can I do when my campaign is active?

You can do everything the same as your normally would. If you would like, when the campaign is over you can change your password immediately. We do not store account information anywhere on our systems.

Do you tweet with my account?

No, we never tweet using your account.


If you have any questions contact our live support operator or send an email from our contact us page.